Hide And Seek

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It’s not a game , nor foreplay
Reality of dynamic life in the play

Weaved in various patterns, modified with a clay
Outbursting impeccable sufferings of chaotic mind
Perseverance fight of mind and heart , Victory or defeat in hands of divine
Positive vibes overlapping a devellish side

It’s not a game, nor foreplay
Flooded emotions seems prey
Adhere man from its way
Goofy dark tunnel, down cast wrong way
Doomed to blood shed violence, in humane
Inherited rebellious attitude making us slay
Where life heed us, Where to stay
One day, prints of human deeds got withered away

19 thoughts on “Hide And Seek

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  1. Hey Shayra,
    Since you asked us to review your work and as promised we did go through your write ups. Your poems are absolute work of beauty. I love the way you play with the words and how easily you add those heavy words into them.
    I can’t talk much about your story writing as I could only find one short story but I have really great idea to showcase and at the same time challenge each other’s creativity. If you up for writing a couple of short stories then hit me up at dfloatingthoughts@gmail.com

    Warm Regards
    Dee Kay


    1. Your words will be marked in my heart and its enough to feel charged up after genuine feedback. Thanks a lot for sparing time to read my posts.
      Sure, I will work on short stories too and send them
      Much regards😆

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked it there and you know I feel the same that positive vibe uplifts a person. It is an amazing vibe and is definitely inspiring. My latest post is on positive vibe as well where I have explained how to identify positive vibes from a person and given three quick life tips and the second one will shock you up. I’d be glad to know your profound views. Tap the link for the article: http://thesoultalks10.com/three-crucial-factors-to-identify-positive-vibes/
    Enjoy your day!


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