Word ‘Perfect’

Hello lovely people,
Hope you are doing great . Well, you must be thinking why I choose this topic to write about.
Phew,  because I’m pissed off hearing it .
Can you help me to find those people who absolutely are fit for this word.✌

Still searching , hope I will find them on this planet.🤔 …..

Where it comes from ?
Do it exist ?
Probably, I don’t think so but then also it’s the most popular word used in our day to lives.
Ain’t you agree?🙄

No matter how much we learnt from our experiences, school, hostel or college life . No matter where we dwells, single , married or not .
Seeking for job or jobless but we all need to be qualified for this word. It’s a copyright of the most eminent people, parents ,grandparents and relatives of course.

My reaction when  I heard this words often.

So, check it out whether you are qualified or not:-
1) Cleaning
4)Things should be placed in order
5) Quick Decision making
6) socializing
7) Well trained in job
8)Mentally, emotionally fit
9) Bold and Diplomatic at same time
And the list goes on ……
OMG, if a person passes this subject then I don’t consider him/her a human .
Then , he/she will be known as Mr Perfect.
Cool, Right!😉

So, how many of you fall in this category or trying hard to be perfect ?
It’s hardly matter as I don’t believe this word exist in human dictionary because we learn, grow from our mistakes. Life would be boring if everything, every being is perfect .
Then, why often we hear these torturing word from our parents esp (girls can relate)it well.
‘Beta , tumko dusre ghar jana h , har kaam ana chahiye ‘.
‘Har kaam mh perfect hona chahiye , har cheez manage krni ani chahiye ‘.

Ughhhh, Common dialogue !🙄😣
I still believe that there is no one who is perfect on this planet.
It’s only a word , norm made by our closed ones because they have learnt or listened from the other sources(obviously from the society, their parents)😏😣

And applying the same trick on us😂

Guys, Do share your views with me if you agree.
As here, no one is judging us.

Let me know whether you are qualified or not 😁😎

73 thoughts on “Word ‘Perfect’

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      1. Right , me too . i hate this word perfect . sometimes, people all around dont know the exact meaning of their saying , just think its nice to be outspoken .

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      1. It’s my personal opinion…
        Perfection lies in thoughts and not actions..if you find flaws in people around you, you are imperfect yourself but if you can appreciate and accept the way they are and can encourage them to become better everyday, then you, yourself are perfect..

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      2. That’s brilliant and true definition of perfect . thanks for sharing your thoughts, i will always remember it. 😍👌


  1. I can do all that dear yet I ain’t perfect for them😄
    There is nothing called perfect coz to satisfy anyone’s expectations is not less than being a superhero🤣

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    1. Right ! We cant satisfy our parents , then to satisfy others is tough job . and i don’t think we need to be perfect . to achieve this perfection, we have to suffer a lot and by just saying She is perfect in every term cant satisfy that struggle .

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      1. I don’t bother to be perfect for anyone now.If I am happy with my self I am Perfect💃.Be it parents or anyone else ,if you try to live according to their expectations you start losing yourself in that process


  2. Hey Sharya! Completely agree with your post. Perfection is much like the past and future. It is something we either reference or stride for but is not real in the present. Because time is always moving forward, new circumstances arise and new conditions are created from those circumstances. Therefore, its impossible to be completely addapted to life and results in the impossibility of perfection. That’s why a sense of higher power is much needed in ones life because it is not restricted by time, therefore it is aware of everything from every moment of the timeline from beginning to end.

    Great stuff! Thanks for subscribing to my blog by the way. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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