Cozy love😘😘

Hey lovely people,

Hope you are doing great😍 .

A small tribute to lovely friendship which is very special for all of us.

We walk in together
We chat for hours
Endless talks, sleepless nights
Beautiful memories lingered in my mind
We laugh, We smile like a child
Shared deepest secret and desire
Strength, Weakness all we acquire
We embraced this friendship
Tangled with understanding and trust
Weaved with loyalty and kindness
Cherished with sweetness
Wishing a glorious lives ahead
A bit sarcasm, lots of fun and giggles
Have nurtured this bond , with jingles
One adorable friend , One partner in crime
Whom with we share fear and happiness
Who swallowed our bitterness
With great patience and irresistible love
Hold hands softly and often said
I’m with u dear even in worse times
Who acknowledge, when we need the most
Adorable friend with Golden heart
At the dawn , in the moonlight
In my wildest imagination
Or even in my Dream
We were together , hanging around
Who shed petals of care in gloomy night

We all have that one unique friend who understand us without uttering a word .

Ain’t you agree with me?

This poem is for that one special friend😉😆

Love shayra😘😘

47 thoughts on “Cozy love😘😘

Add yours

  1. So beautiful, your poem speaks to me about hope and hoy, honesty and generosity, true feelings and real connection. I can feel it’s written from your heart! Be blessed! ❤️


      1. Not every line..because we haven’t met,we didn’t share things which is possible only if you grow together..but I shared my atleast you are part of that special friend know


      2. No , my classes were finished and i dont required other sessions or workshop . i understand that happiness nd art of living cant be teachable , it dwell in us .
        All can changed with thoughts


      3. Yes, we attract everything with our thoughts . our strong , weak, negative or positive goes in universe nd we attract same kind of person, things or situation in our life . this is a fact nd truth


      4. I don’t know , might be similarity in some thoughts that’s why you shared your plm. Its a life , we meet many people , some stay for long nd some moves on .


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