Fallen Misery

She a calm , reserved girl little bit shy
Loves to write , fun-loving , never lie

Met with a stranger here who said hey
Can’t traced her reaction, as she bid good-bye
She nestled her Secrets nd flaws
Trust issues and fear of being too close
Juggling up with her own thoughts
He stubborn nd with never give up attitude
Preached once more with the gratitude
Chasing her in his dreams all-over time
Yes, he was in love , He did a crime
She as cold as ice , extremely protective nd wise
He as hot as burning fire, extremely bold nd nice
Out of blue, he comes out of his shell
To confess his love , merry jingle bells
She was astound to hear his words
Took a step back nd leave him with curse
Just in confusion , she created a huge mess

To be continued…..


84 thoughts on “Fallen Misery

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      1. Yeah, I’m good and writing is also going good . It’s always bring smile on my face to read comment of my genuine readers inspire of likes. Thanks buddy 😊. It’s enough to inspire me to write.

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      1. Arre yaar no, absolutely not 😊. I love suggestions and I love and respect those who give me ideas to make my blog look better and beautiful πŸ˜‡. And that includes valuable suggestions from people like you 😊. So it’s ok Shayra. Mujkho aapki suggestions bahuth pasand aaya, all I want to say is thank you my dear friend 😊❀️✨


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