Psychopath heart coop in a shell
Sunken flesh daunting, remorse and pale
Underneath darkness, trapped in prison cell

Terrified, bold thoughts reminisce past
Does and don’t , making life bit hard
Clinical depression, Fear falling apart
Stretching every nerve to core of heart
Suicidal monsters spat like clumsy brat
Haunted night, loose clothes , foot in sleepers
piercing pain ooze out from my brain like creepers
Yelling from the top of height, craving for good vibes
Geek! Free me from unseen cage, free me from rage
Soul in desperation, yearning for true devotion
Diagnosis, checkups with no hope of promotion

59 thoughts on “Cage

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    1. Awwwww. I really feel blessed to be part of this wonderful community bcoz it gave me such sweet, amazing writers. Thanks a ton for nominating me. Can’t expect more 😘😘. Congratulations and wish you more awards. I will do in ASAP. I apologize for not reading your posts, but I will read soon. Keep writing πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ


    1. I just need your favour , if you have read the fallen Misery parts then it’s a true story. So , what you can say about it. I mean if summ up then?


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