Fallen Nightmare(The End)

Hey dear friends,

Hope you are doing great here. I’m feeling relaxed and thrilled to write the last part of this story.Hope you will enjoy it.

So, now let’s begun the last part unveiling the twist😊.

Here it goes,

Nisha I will not spare you this time, You ditched me. It hardly takes a few seconds to inform your best buddy that you are not coming today.You can text me idiot! Samayra pressed send and the text reached to Nisha. Samayra was messaging her in between the last lecture.

“You have to submit this project tomorrow, otherwise your results will be affected in final exams”, busted Prof Coll.

Samayra was lost in the piles of books in the  central library  of university. As it was the last day all she had for completing the project.

Tick-tock! Tick-Tock Samayra forget to look at the watch.The notification pinged on Samayra’s mobile. She  read the  text of Nisha which said that she was not feeling well. Oh, get well soon dear💐. Wait Samayra read it again and stared at the time of Nisha’s message which arrived at 7:40pm. Oh, She realized that it was very late. Samayra  jotted  her books in the bag and ran to the main gate.

“Samayra Beta,You have been late today. It’s already 8:00”, watchman said worriedly.

She just ran to vehicle stand ignoring the watchman. She started the activa, but after just  few kilometres her activa stopped.

Oh god, What a bad luck. Now, at this time where I would find mechanic to repair my scooty, Samayra spoke to herself.

Phew, Thanks to google. She searched the nearby bus stop and informed her mother that she will be late.

Sometimes our brains works fast in emergency.

She started preparing herself for another long lecture and this time from her mother.


Meanwhile talking to herself, Samayra observed that women again. Samayra  deeply thought on her brain to recall where she have seen the poor women last time. Probably, her mind answered that she saw same face in “Nissam Cafe”.

As the women in torn clothes approached Samayra, She went  numbed and annoyed.

The poor women begged  for food and money. Samayra always kept packet of chips, biscuits in her bag but she did not bother to give some to poor women.

Samayra  declined old  women pleads  and began shifted to other side of the bench. She even failed to see tears tumbling from old poor women’s  eyes. Samayra being a cold-hearted  girl who instead of helping the women, started teasing her by eating chips and biscuits from the bag.

With a heavy heart, the old women again tried to ask Samayra for food . In between Samayra saw bus coming on the stop. She wanted to reach home on time so in a haste, when the old women was approaching towards her, Samayra pushed  old women and to her shock the old lady head was hit by pillar. Instead of helping her who was wailing in pain Samayra caught the bus and moved away . The sight of “old sunken face”of women  smeared  with blood and yelling for help haunted Samayra’s nights. The next day samayra read the top headline  stated “Old woman found dead  in evening on “Main Junction Bus stop”. The whole article read that eye witnesses are saying that a girl pushed her hurriedly while taking bus and the accident took place.


Samayra’s Death was Samayra fate. The poor women soul took revenge from Samayra by taking her  life.

“Khun k badle khun”

Thanks for showing interest and patience while reading the story. Eager to hear your comments . Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me.😘

Love Shayra


41 thoughts on “Fallen Nightmare(The End)

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  1. Shayra love the way you wrote this. Keep the spirit up, looking forward to more of these. I am reading at night though. Tune toh likh to diya ghost story you know kya Pata koi bhoot hi tumse inspire ho ke, Doste karle.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Arey dekho tum likhi, ghost toh Hate, shayad unhone padha hoga, direct dimaag hi me jhaak Liya hoga. Toh I guess you got a friend, call it Casper the bhoot. Yep.


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