Fallen Nightmare(Missing Parts)

Hey lovely,💝

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!.Grab the front seat for reading missing parts of Samayra’s life.On the demand of my lovely readers, I thought to unveil the mystery.😊

I know, after reading the story, everyone wants to know the reason of her immense pain and death.😢

Here, I go

“Hey, Samayra! I have heard often times about the cafe ‘Nissam’ which serves delicious coffee, cakes and brownie.Why don’t we go there after the college”? asked Nisha excitedly.

“Vow! Not a bad idea.Yeah, sure after college we will go there. It must be very popular place to hangout as I have also heard about the ambience from the girls in the colleage”.

After the college, both  girls went to the ‘Nissam cafeteria’ where they ordered coffee and choclate brownie. It was a pleasant place for the young bud’s and lover’s. Both savoured their tongue in delight and enjoyed the meal. When Samayra was about to leave the cafe, she heard a low cracking  voice coming from outside the window.

The voice was audible for everyone sitting in the cafe, but they pretend to  be deaf ears. Samayra saw her pale, gloomy face closely when she step out from the cafeteria. The women’s messy hairs  were swinging in daylight, torn clothes were exposing her skinny legs and arms. She seems to be a begger who was starving for food.

She headed towards Samayra in order to get something to eat, and as expected Samayra abjured her pleads by saying that she has no money with her.

The women’s intense gaze made Samayra shivering with fear and Samayra began to run away from the place.

When she narrated  the incidence to her best friend, Nisha burst  up in laughter and exclaimed that she was a coward girl. How she can be scared from the poor begger?

Her intense gaze haunts Samayra’s sleep and made her restless at night. Samayra has observed a profound  pain, helplessness in women’s deep eyes. She was longing for the help and Samayra declined.

Samayra doesn’t show  mercy to  the poor. She was engrossed in wrong thinking about the poor. The poor are born to live in that way because of their sins. Probably, Samayra belongs to a high-class family where She has to maintain the status in a society. Her narrow thinking was heriditery which she possessed from  her father.

One day due to her shallow mindset, her life was transformed completely dragging  into the hands of demon’s.

To be continued….




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