Fallen Nightmare(last part)

Hey lovelies,

Thank you for showing immense support and love by appreciating this story.I had never thought to write on haunted topic.

I’m grateful to my lovely blogger friend Nathaprasad Dhanwaat for demanding this story 😊.

Hope you will enjoy last part too,💝

Quick Recap-

Samayra stopped talking to her mother and locked herself in the haunted room.After several pushes to the door,Mother heard her daughter’s creepy laughs when she was staring at the zig zag pattern on TV.Her mother hands was flooded with blood when she returned from the  room.

Here,The last part begins!!

Samayra! She screamed at the top of her lungs and entered in her room.

No mother, can see the sight of her daughter wailed in pain and fear.When she bumped into the room, she saw her daughter’s ‘pale blue face’.The room was submerged in  water.Samayra was lying on the bed and to the sudden shock,Bed transformed  into the pool-Demon’s  pool.

Her mother’s legs got freezed when she tried to go close to her daughter.She couldn’t scream for help.She felt a great pressure on her entire body which stopped her to move, cry for mercy.Mother was awestruck to saw the blood gushing from her daughter’s eyes.

A ghastly, a black creepy shadow emerged from the demon’s  pool and swallowed her daughter.The pool was immersed  in blood.After a creepy silence,everything came back to life, except Samayra.

The pool  was transfigured  to Bed  again and all the water from the room got drenched away.

To the utmost surprise,she found her daughter’s dead body lying on the same bed.She was screwed to saw her daughter’s half lower body laid on the bed.

Her mother screams,wails for her lost daughter echoe in the room.She lost her loving child forever.

By listening her piercing voice from  pain,people swarmed   to  her house. They got   benumb to saw Samayra’s  body.

Her mother was taken to the hospital where she go  into Comma.

Only  her daughter’s last words were  enchanting   in her ears. Mom,Please save me.I don’t want to die.My nightmare  has turned true.

Samayra  was lost in the darkness,demons took her to the hell . Hundred questions were left unanswered.Few pages of her life was marked red, unfolded ….

Still,her death was mystery.

I will be pleased to hear your comment over here😊.Do you like the last part too or expecting something else?

Till then,Stay happy and blessed😘


49 thoughts on “Fallen Nightmare(last part)

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  1. I loved😍.. whole story and that scary images was superb.. Though it was a story but I really felt bad for Samarya …. thank you so much for writing this beautiful story.. hats off for ur efforts 👍👍… Really enjoyed whole story…

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  2. You made me read this at night😑😒. But to be very blunt, this episode didn’t scare me. 3rd episode’s level was way too high. It was the best episode of your series. I’m not saying this episode is bad but previous episode took my expectations to just another level.😊… Have a great day 💐..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for genuine feedback .I can understand well bcoz frankly speaking I was stuck in the middle of it due to long gap.I just want to end it anyhow, which make me to end like this.Nothing was going in my mind except this climax which was somehow related to my real Nightmare.

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      1. Hahahaha,but Nightmare haunt us in night ,this pool vala Nightmare was one of the weird Nightmare .Thats why, bas mind mh yhi Nightmare tha jo laga k yha fix kr sakte h bcoz story h toh Fiction h .

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      2. If it’s true,then I don’t know one can have dreams and Nightmare which I saw in my sleep.Something un expected,weird like from different world ….More and more.Some I remembered ,some was forgotton.


  3. Shayra it’s such an engrossing, compelling and engaging read that gave me chill. The choice of words, description and built up makes it a heart pounding tale and can’t wait to read more. Perhaps, you should think of doing a series and get it out as an e-book:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have tried to make it a big story ,writeen in series,but due to long gap, I got stuck in middle of it.Only the climax is going in my mind which I finally wrote .Thanks for suggestion,I got good response from here .I will surely think to exaggerate it for a complete story.Thank you so much Vishal 😊


  4. Wow. It’s scary. Bed turns to boat, coma, demons, hell, nightmare got real. I don’t want my nightmare comes true. I don’t remember any of my nightmares but you know the most strange feeling is when you are falling from a building in your dream and suddenly you get back into reality. The feeling of falling that is scary too.


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