Love of Memories

Love of memories, Lingered in my mind

Warmth of mother’s hand, Embraced her child

Mewling and puking in nurse arm, Delight every inch of mine

Ravishing beauty around, Pearl’s gleam in sunshine

Coarse  path of treacherous life, Exploring panorama  view from great height

Dreaminess in atmosphere, Enlightened my mind

True love and emotions, Melancholy song echoed in my mind

Salacious  desire and love, Gave birth to  a new life

Standing at the thresholds of death, Reminiscence sweet sour memories of life

Wuthering wind kissed my frail skin, My body asleep in coffin

Welcomed death with open arms,  My soul drifted in heaven’s brink

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      1. And u know, I put many literally devices so am not too surprise that u don’t like it because it’s too hard for people that aren’t deep in literature to understand a single verse of my poem. So am sorry for inviting you. I didn’t know you are a commoner in literature. You can visit my friend’s site, she’s meant to handle beginners like u dear:), I hope you understand):)


      2. 1st of all, it’s not ‘literally devices’, it’s ‘literary devices’.
        2nd you can’t use ‘am’ without ‘I’.
        3rd dear, you used wrong form of verb for ‘surprise’.
        That’s so sweet of you for sharing your friend’s site, thank-you.
        But I’m not a beginner in English literature. Infact I’m not even a part of it.
        Have a nice day.

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      3. Oh thanks for correcting me but there is a difference between literally,it was derived from the word ” literal” and literary devices. It’s drived from the word “literal”, in case u don’t know and of course it’s rarely known to beginners like you. Guess u were taught only in secondary school and second there is something called poetic license which gives every writer the freedom to use any form of word he likes. And for your information am is a short form for i’m, so there is no use of writing I because it’s like a repetition. And for the surprise, I dint put d because it’s continous. You always do surprise me. And seeing how u react to criticism made me know u are whole new to it. Mark you, I dint correct u because you don’t like my post, but because i’ve seen how poorly you’ve written your # your children Killing u and you coming back, so I thought you might need a light up like “all hail to sparkling thunder with quiet pace”…by the way, there is difference between literature and English and also, have a solid proof before correcting people because in the process, you might show how you lack knowledge about that particular thing. You have a nice day buddy!!!.


      4. Oh! Dear, I have no time to teach you all of this. But, poetic licence is not comment sections. ‘am’ is not the short form of “I’m”, and if you are using it, you are using slang language. And it’s very clear from your comment only. About the rest of it, ask your teacher please.

        And about my knowledge, I already told you, I’m not even a part of English literature, so my knowledge is most probably zero.
        Dear, I’m begging for criticism but nobody is criticising my posts. If you want to, just go and read my posts and criticise there.

        And just for the record, I didn’t criticise you in the first place. I just said that it’s not of my type. It was you, who used harsh words. I didn’t come to you with a request to check my blog, you came to me. And then you say your friend can “handle” me? Before starting your journey as a blogger, I think you need to learn how to respect other.

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      5. He who respects his carrier use it as a reflex in his actions and also if u think the comment section is only made for comment then you r wrong, and for the teacher thing, u go ask yours Cox I deal with profs not teachers. And for the invite, it’s our tradition and criticism is the way of showing our hospitality.#oops, it has nothing to do with hospital so don’t correct. It means friendly behavior towards visitors. You should have told me you have no element of knowledge in literature because you made me waste my time.#only those who are with knowledge challenge those with corrections.#master this:
        Indeed an author deserves a hail
        For him to comment,he need not to wail
        For, just an utterance is enough to hail…
        Alas his words can strike a hooked nail
        IN EVERY ARGUMENT,HE NEVER WILL FAIL….and of course you are free to browse the literally devices if you can’t comprehend…oops, literary devices!..hahaha, oh my!!!!!!


      6. Oh and you haven’t been quoeting, do you have one or are you correcting illegally. Cox you know people are judged by their creativity in literature buddy, and can’t wait for your reply Cox it’s being quite long since I had a debate.:) DEAR!!!


      7. Oh,please stop fighting now .Just stop the debate .If you don’t like other blogs then don’t read them .But plz sahit and princess writer dont mess with each other.There is no need to argue friends.You will only spoil your tongue and your day.

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      8. Umm..when last did I hear this word…oh yh from an old illiterate from 1060..oh and never mind, it’s not referring to u Cox at least you know literally and literary. And oh my parents!!:), you remembered me of my verses:
        Let all freeze to my unfolding phrase including you so freeze and hear their grace).
        Indeed in thy breeze there is enormous grace
        Surely without them #respect will have no trace
        All beauty lies to their enchanting face
        For they are a bright light with might and glace
        I dare not describe their might in such a phrase
        But keeping quiet will be more than a disgrace.
        What about your parents?, I know less about them so pls express them to me in words like this!


      9. Oops I meant there dear*!, and pls reply me soon, can’t wait to see….#remembernotlite that condition is permanent for people that are not willing to accept the truth. So I guess that’s why u haven’t changed so far. Yet not knowing the difference between literally and literary devices. Though they r all the same. #always remember, a perfect writer’s tongue is sharper than a double edged sword. And yh, also beware that a wailing thunder cannot be clung


      10. OK, this word is derived from literal, and they are called that because they are literal aspects of literature. And is not wholly accepted globally but some highly educated profs recommend it it and hence can be used:), by the way, am very proud that you are a student of literature 🙂

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      11. There’s some confusion. This was my reply to Princess Writer.
        I’m really sorry for all the trouble that you’re undergoing because of this discussion on ‘Literally Devices.’


      12. I’ll discuss with them, once I get back to studies. Thank You,

        I think it is high time, we stopped this discussion. We are after all discussing in someone else’s comments section and that too on a topic irrelevant to her post.

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      13. Hello,
        You are a princess and a writer as per your display name. And writers should be good with words. Nextly, it’s you who is a newcomer here. So, learn to respect choices. Not everybody can like everybody’s genre. Nextly, if you invite someone then learn to value their opinions and choices. It works only this way.
        The one who you are debating to is no literary expert, but you aren’t a Shakespeare either. Be good to colleagues. Thankyou.

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      14. Oh thanks 🙂 and also am not trying to be rude, he is. He was the one mentioning parents and all those stuff so talk to him too…and also remember that am not fighting him or something, he is fighting me. Just read our comments and you will distinguish. Unless if you are trying to side him Cox u r more familiar to him, but as far as am concerned, both of you are my friends:)


      15. I read comments darling! You are right. He is closer to me. I know the kind of person he is! But I am being absolute impartial. Just wanted to say this to you. Hope you take this in a mature way. Since you called me friend, I guess you should take me in a good sense.

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      16. OK thanks, we r here to share creativity not to fight. So u r welcome. And for what I said, I tried to correct him, that’s all. And am sure he learned a lesson or more on that. Not bad ones but good ones. By the way, it’s a pleasure meeting your during?!:):)


      1. Thanks dear.I’m confused to whom you are saying.bcoz you gave requested to readers who have commented on my post.A bit confession.I could see mixed comments here.

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      2. I have read everything dear.Thats why saying let it go.Calm down.he is my friend too.Sometime two people ideas clash ,better to leave it.hey,Sare bloggers k comment meri post pr kr kyu aa rhe h ,I didn’t get it.You can read their posts and can comment there .It will be easy for you to find them .Sorry, dear but it’s all creating confusion here .

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    1. OMG ! Really, this is something more than awesome . I’m speechless . Thanks a ton for saying such wonderful words. Gifted apne ap mh bahut h , I mean sab khuch h . Never expected such kind of response. Thanks a lot😘😘

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