Fallen Nightmare (part3)

Hey lovelies,

I’m back with another part of this thriller ,haunted story.Hope you will like it.

Fast Recap:-

After taking permission from professor to allot her one day to complete the project .Samayra  spend her half day with Nisha .After realizing that She was late for the home, She wait for the bus on the stop where she encountered the Nightmare ghost .A women in her 50’s called her name.She caught  the bus in haste and when she looked from the window of the bus,   there was no trace of human standing on the stop.

Ain’t you scared!!!

Before starting I promised to my readers that it will going to haunt you more than before.

Wrap your face in a quilt and don’t dare to step outside from the room. while reading it…

Here it begins,

She wanted blood from me, She wanted my armour…. , Oh fish!!!.The thoughts began to buzz in Samayra’s mind .

After reaching to junction, bus stopped and she run  to home as quickly as she could.

Mom opened the door. She yelled in a heavy voice. While returning to home, he felt like someone was chasing her.

(Dhum,Dhum)!! Mom opened the door in a rush. Where have you been so long? Didn’t you see the watch? Mom screamed at her.

She didn’t  utter a single word in her favour. Her eye was fierce red, face was  pale like a dead women in grave. Neither she usher a single word to her mother nor slept at night.

Samayra you have made me insane. You didn’t eat your dinner. Why you  have locked yourself in the room? ,Mom asked doubtfully.

She was annoyed with Samayra’s  strange behaviour and she began  to wander  in the dining room .She heard no voice of her daughter’s presence in the room .

With the heavy sigh and breathe, She peeped from the hole to mark her presence  in the  room.The intense darkness in the room made her vision blurred .The only thing She could hear was the  aghast, creepy voice from inside.      

This time she was sure that something was terribly wrong.She kept yelling her daughter’s name and knocking on the door.

After few consistent push, door opens. She felt a deadly silence in the room. All the windows of the room were half  opened  and she felt the bitting cold in the half part of the room , where Samayra laid .She sense  that it was not her daughter’s room but…… .

She was taken aback when she saw her daughter’s creepy laughs .Samayra was watching TV, but to her strange acquaintance, She was glaring at the flash zig zag pattern made on idiot box. Her intense gaze made Mom bewitched for a while.How  this  zig zag pattern  can  made her laugh weirdly??, Mom thought surprisingly.

To an utter shock, She held  her  arm’s and felt coldness inside her body.Samayra collapsed  in her mother’s lap and fallen asleep  like she  was  in heavens arm’s.

Oh, my dear! You made me scared to death.The lump in her mother’s throat break the silence  in the room.She embraced  Samayra head with her arms and the pretty innocent lamb  went to deep sleep.

With every cautious steps without disturbing Samayra from sleep, She drapped  her love in quilt and walk out from the room.

But……While closing the door when she moved  out  from Samayra’s room, She examined her bare hands flooded with  blood…….

She screamed at the top of her lungs and her brain recalled the past event when she tapped her bare hands on Samayra’s head .

She bumped into  her room again but………

To be continued…….

Devil laughs on petty Samayra…

Meanwhile Do you believe in Ghosts !!!


I would like to hear your feedback. If you liked it, plz do comment. Let me know, Whether you all want to read it’s end  so soon, expecting climax or should I extend the story little more???


55 thoughts on “Fallen Nightmare (part3)

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      1. That means, I am not afraid of ghost, Ghosts are really cool, Shayra I can send a friendly ghost to you, you know I have some plug with ghost kingdom. Wait I will send it just to you but you will see it during the midnight, may be, or it would just wake you up, but you just don’t have to shout, please remember that.


      2. Ohh,plzz I ‘m scared of the ghost most .Even I got scare of just saying boo behind my back .Spare me ,you keep your friendly ghost in your home .He will like your company much more .

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Gargi, really what should I do really? , I already summoned him(Shayra larka h, kya batye tumko hulliya uska, tum shayad dar jaao) . 😬😬😬


      4. Haan Shayra Mazaak trying to scare you, but trust me, a evil or bad spirit cannot harm a truthful soul who is following the Straight path. Ab aisa likhna ki darado bus, daradena h.


      5. So you are a big challenge for me .Tumara darna jaruri h ,okk done .I will try to think out of the box so that I could make you terrified.


  1. Literally.. I was scared 🙈😱 while reading.. i want it more n more.. Please extend it… I liked 👍👍 so much.. Waiting for the next .🙌. thank you so much shayra for writing.. 🙏🙏..
    and I believe in GHOSTS..


    1. Thanks you ,Okk I will extend it more .As it’s on your demand ,Really it scared me every bit whenever I thought to write the next part.More scary gifs yet to come.I have never thought that I could write such a horror story.Thanks for demanding it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Most welcome buddy .I will try to fulfil all my bloggers demand .Feel honoured when they appreciate my work ,so in return I can do this small favour for them.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Let me fix this issue shayra… Am having a little problem with my site…. I will convey the message about this as soon as possible


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