Fallen Nightmare (Part2)

Hey guys,

I’m back with the another exciting part of ‘The Fallen Nightmare’. I hope you guys liked the first part and will appreciate the Second part too.

So, First thing first

A Quick Recap:-

After awaking from that horrible Nightmare ,Samayra observe the bruise on her wrist .She didn’t tell her mother about the haunting Nightmare and She Ignored all  her mom’s pleads ,She stood from her bed and straight away walked to the bathroom to take a shower.


Samayra ,Be quick Else you will be late for college.

“Yes ,Mom Coming”,She spoke in a hush voice.

Tears prickled from her swollen eyes.The bruise that the Nightmare left made her numb.

Wiping tears from her sunken eyes,She quickly got ready for college  , quietly ate the breakfast and bid goodbye to her mother .She didn’t want to miss her  important lecturers.

Samayra !Samayra ,This girl  leave her breakfast half eaten everytime.May god give her brain.

In the college, Samayra was thinking about things occurring to her and was recovering from it when Nisha came and gently touched her shoulder .Samayra was taken aback when Nisha shrugged her shoulder . She raised her head and felt sign of relief seeing her best friend .

“Where are you lost”?asked Nisha

“Nowhere”! Samayra said

“So, Miss Sleepy Head Wake Up! Professor Singh is checking projects today ,What to do?”

Oh No!, I completely forgot about it ,maybe we should request him for one extra day”

After a lot of pleas and sorries Prof. Singh agreed saying”24 hrs for you,Alright”

After that Samayra worked till late at Nisha’s home and after completing the project when she saw the clock striking 9pm she got baffled.

“Oh No! I have to leave I’m already too late and have to catch the bus” .She bids goodbye to Nisha.

It is already 9 pm and it will take approx 30 minutes to reach Main Junction,Samayra said to herself.She waited for a bus on the bus stop ,where she observe something very fishy.A women in her 50’s was sitting wearing a black dress and face downwards towards ground.Samayra’s entire body was shivering and sweat aroused on her apple checks and Her gut feeling wanted her to run away from that place as soon as possible .

To more of a shock indeed,The woman tilted her head up and Samayra saw her blue hazy eyes .

She got freeze when she saw similar blue hazy eyes which appear in her Nightmare Often.

Was She the same woman who traumatized her in every sleep?

Her brain stopped working and she began to feel  that some extra weight is imposed on her bare legs . She wanted to run but her legs froze, She wanted to scream but her tongue didn’t allowed.

The lady with winked smile  said “Hurry !else you will miss the bus Samayra”.

To the utter amazement ,Bus arrived at that moment .She felt secure and calm .She took the bus in a haste.

“Phew, a life saver moment she thinks and recalls the woman hold on but…… How did she knew my name” she looked back at the stop but no one was there.

To be continued…..


Also, I would like to tell you that it takes me a lot of time to bring these content for you and I would like that it must not be used for any type of reproduction without my consent.


And on a lighter note I know you all may be like

But “We all live in suspense from day-to-day; in other words, you are the hero of your own story.”

Lots of Love😘


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  1. Ohhh my God…its approximately 12 A.M.. and I am reading this in Darkness 😱🙈🙈🙈🙈.. achha hua abi ke liye stop… so much liked and so much excited for next 😊.. n thanks for writing for me in simple language.. u made me speechless

    Liked by 1 person

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