The Fallen Nightmare

Hey people,

I wish you are all doing good and I am really happy to tell you that I have completed my 3rd Post For VDW.

This Horror Story was requested by Nathaprasad  Dhanawat .Phew! dude you really gave a hard task to me.I don’t know whether this is what you are expecting.

So,Here it goes!!!!

Samayra! Samayra! Wake up,What happened to you darling.”.Mother exclaimed.

Look I’m here with you.She said,

Samayra opened her eyes slowly and then got up quickly and said “Mom! I got that damn nightmare 👿👹, Again! Now it is haunting me every single minute.”😱

“You watched that nightmare Again,Now for God’s sake tell me what is it, please” said Mom worridly.

It was (just then she saw a deep cut on her wrist and she said It was ….. nothing.She got up and quickly went for a shower.

“God,this girl never tells me about that nightmare”.Mother murmurs and went down to make breakfast.

While taking shower Samayra thought🤔

“Every time this nightmare left her armour with bruises, she shuddered even thinking of it”😨

Samayra, a fun-loving ,adorable and intelligent  teen is a quiet girl but sudden and drastic changes in her behaviour and her life left hundred questions unanswered for her loved ones.

 Some pages of her life are unfolded 📖.

To be continued…..

Till then stay blessed and I know what I’m doing.

50 thoughts on “The Fallen Nightmare

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      1. Yeah, I know it’s your imagination. The movie is a bit different. If people get injured in dreams, they get the same injury in real life.
        You must watch it. It’s an amazing movie🤔🤔🤔🤔or at least it’s amazing for me🙈..💐


      2. Yes,yhi toh tha .Le movie se mil gyi Meri imagination😁.Real mh b vhi pain hoga ,ab mh new concept phr se sochu .yhi plm h horror movie k ,khi se b idea match kr jta h😋😁

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  1. Ooooooo girl!That was so bad of you to leave the post incomplete.By the way will be waiting for the next one!But from where do you bring these gifs,i mean they are exceptionally awesome yar.Don’t mind but just one correction in spelling of “worriedly”.Please take no offence and sorry if you do


  2. This is a horror indeed. It does happen that what happens in the spiritual realm will be manifested in the physical. How dare on earth would one be cut with a razor in the dream, and the person wakes up to see blood gushing and traveling down his/her arm?


  3. You spun the tale in a simple manner and tease the reader with the suspense that makes to ask for more. The intriguing part in the story makes the mind race for the next part. Well done.


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