Blogger’s Alert!!!

Hey lovelies,

My fellow bloggers have complains that their comments are spammed .After discussing with other bloggers,I felt that it’s not my story.All are facing same dilemma.🤔

My reaction when I got aware of the problem.I was alarmed to hear it.

Here,Its a serious issue for all of us  because every blogger’s comments , feedbacks are the inspiration for us .Moreover Reason of utmost happiness.Their genuine feedback ,love ,blessings make our day awesome and blooming.

Your every feedback on my post is like pearls in the ocean,precious than any other thing in the World.

If my dear bloggers have solutions to fix this problem which almost of them are facing.I will be blessed and grateful to them.Let me know if you didn’t found your comment on my post.

No one here want to loose their friends ,the best one😍.Let them know ,Let them make aware of it.😊.

God bless you buddies😘😇

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