Random Thoughts

    खूबसुरत दुनिया नही, लोग होते है।

      और कुछ   रिश्ते खून से नहीं, दिल से  जुड़े होते है

       कस्मे वादे तो सब ही खाते है,कस्मे वादे तो सब ही खाते         है

        पर निभा जाने वाले लोग ,कुछ ही होते है।


 आसमान ने कभी ऊचाई नहीं नापी

  सागर ने कभी गहराई नहीं मापी

  और  वतन के लिए जान देने वालों ने

    कफ़न के लिए कपडा

    और दो गज़ जमीन नहीं मांगी।

   झूठ  की इस दुनिया मे,जैसे सच्चाई कम हैं

     इंसाफ की देवी की आँखे ,न जाने क्यों बंद है

     फरेब ,दगाबाजी और दहशत गर्दी ,का आलम है

     चारो और खून खराबा  ,लाशो का अम्बार लगा है

       इंसानियत का कतल देख,खुदा भी आज  खूब रोया              है।



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      1. Hey, Gargi I wanna say to u, write in Hindi too. You can write very well. I believe in u. Have a great sunday… 😍😍😍


      2. Thanks for accepting suggestion. Credit goes to yr talent. We r friends so it’s our wrk to motivate each other. I m simply doing my work.


    1. Thanks for reading it.It will take some time to write in a flow .As I will get words in my mind ,I will do editing.Its just a try and on a demand of my sweet buddy Sayar.Its my duty to accept my fellow bloggers demand ,as they are loving and supporting .😆I’m happy that you liked it .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup! Everyone gets better with time and learning never ends. It’s nice that you did. I’m writting rhymes for 5-6 years and till now, I could never write one on demand. It’s a difficult task and very very very difficult for me, so well done 👍 on your achievement. Keep it up and one day you’ll be giving instructions to new writers.😊✌


    1. Thank you .If you have any suggestions regarding the post,You can tell me .I’m not very good in Shayri .But I like to try different everytime.Hope you will enjoy😆


      1. Nope they are perfectly fine you have put forward a great work in new attempt., you just need to take care of line alignments (left,centre,right) and no need to mark 1,2,3 a line at bottom would put more contrast.


      2. You put marking 1 2 3 to differentiate all three rhymes so that the readers understand that they are separate. But you have already done it by putting graphics in between two of them. So there is no need to put numbers. And in case if you would have not put graphics then a simple line like this ————- between two rhymes would look great!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. So what .You should also explore your writing .A creativity has no bounds ,no limits and it will make you and all of us a great Writer.As much you will try ,more and more you will gain and reached to its depth.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey !! You know I am very passionate about learning new languages. I already did diploma in urdu and right now doing in sanskrit. Apart from that I am also trying my luck with French!! Hope will succeed in adding more linguistic colour to my writings..


      2. Oh,thats cool .I love Urdu Language but don’t know how to improve it.Yes,I will like to see your posts in different languages.More colours in your writing.


      1. Welcome 🙂 It can never go in vain. A writer writes through heart. It is always beautiful. It is just about right audience. 😊 Keep writing.


      2. Yes,I enjoyed them that’s why I have nominated you ,but you didn’t answer it.Anyway ,it’s your choice ,but I like reading your posts.I have read many ,few are left.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am so sorry. But I don’t do nomination or blog posts as blogging for me has altogether different meaning. I appreciate if someone nominate me but feels guilty that I won’t be able to do the same. 😢Thanks once again for that nomination. 🙂


  1. All 3 were amazing.But the last line of the last shayari touched my heart so so so much.And ha ye siddhu wala animation mast yha.Thoko!Thoko!Ab na roko.
    Mai hindi utti achi likh ni pata but I am flattered by your hindi.How about giving your address so that I can have an autograph?


    1. Oh,It’s a biggest compliment which I have got here.Thank you sooo much .I’m flattered by your writing .You write amazing contents .You have a long way to go.Good luck 👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks a lot .I have never expect that One can learn from me .It’s a huge compliment for me 😊😊. Thank you sooo much for visiting here and appreciating my posts.

        Liked by 1 person

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