Tribute To Bloggers

Love a unexpressable feeling !

Yet so tempting and embellishing!

Power to transfigured person notion!

Love a sunshine ,irresistible emotions !

Latent in heart and soul
A morning rays of sun ,fragrance in air

Dwelling in humans ,dwelling beneath earth!

Love a passion ,a dream ,a power !

Do and die feeling for someone special!

Love a burning desire,sheer sight of happiness!

Ting a knot till death ,leaving a long silence

Body dies but love remains with freshness

Love a deep connection ,Might be a Magician!

A Universe Action,God’s Creation

Ushers in a sophisticated lives

BY bringing togetherness!

Love is essence ,voice of soul!
This poem is dedicated to my lovely Bloggers friend .Love is pure and divine.Its a small way to give tribute to my readers who bestowed love ,care and affection to me  through your comments.


79 thoughts on “Tribute To Bloggers

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      1. You’re welcome. 😀

        Bookmarked, so yeah will definitely visit more often.

        So, atheist, huh? Me too. But, I want to know why?


      2. Oh my bad. Sorry.

        I like the contradiction.

        Well, why not? I wasn’t once. But then I realised that I was carrying a false sense of hope and expectations. So that led me to.

        I would ask why aren’t you, but it would be quite an elaborate topic discussion.


      3. Oh, thank you. But I don’t think my blog is bookmark worthy. You’ll get it when you read.

        Oh, it’s entirely my pleasure. 😁


      4. It’s not about negativity as much as it is the truth. And also I write about the negative side of life. So, perhaps that could be the reading.

        Thank you. You’re being too kind. 😄

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      5. Hey,I have read few of your posts .After keen observing your write ups ,no doubt that you penned your thoughts beautifully.I think that You are a mysterious ,complex and little pessimist which is reflected in your posts.A shady dark side ,sorry if you mind but curious to know Why a dark side ?.Sorry ,If you feel bad , it’s nothing personal .

        Liked by 1 person

      6. You don’t have to apologise. Ever. Especially for curiosity.

        Thank you for reading, first of all. And also I appreciate your thoughts in them.
        So, you now know the reason why it might not be a good idea. Positivity is what people look forward to, I don’t deliver that ever.
        I am telling you myself that I am a dark person inside. So, don’t worry about it. The question so as to why, the answer is not a simple one. Let’s just say that I have had some good days but a much more bad days and a little more bad days. Though I looked forward for good days, I still had bad days. Eventually, I stopped looking for good days. (Metaphorically and quite laterally) Does it make sense ? So, yeah shady dark side. Because it always it’s sunshine, green grass and rainbows. It is sometimes(more like mostly for me) a never ending storm and hellfire.


      7. I know the reason why you allways have a bad days ,never ending storm and hellfire .Do you like reading books ?.If you like,only then I can tell you otherwise you won’t understand it.

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      8. That’s cool ..I recommend you to read Secret by “Rhonda Byrne”.Life gives what you demand .I understand that you have gone through bad phase ,buy if you loose hope and fail to see the happy phase of life .You will began to attract ,feel negativity.A Simple law ,”Law Of Attraction” .Life not allways gives you lemonade ,but also sweet fruit.

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      9. Thank you.
        I will sure get a hold of this book. Wait. I think I have seen the book in bookstores.

        Waise, how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? You speak a lot on a deeper note. So.


      10. Thanks,We all have a dark side in us but few are brave to show that .Hats off to u .I would like to hear your comment on my poem Darker side .if you don’t mind🤗

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      11. Vaise its good ,.A dark world or a person who like darkness ,shady side can bring unimaginable and brilliant piece of writing. I want to read that. A humble request to penned down the most unexpected ,darker content which left everyone speechless.Extent the limits ,boundaries if you can .

        Liked by 1 person

      12. If only I was good at writing, I would have given you that.

        I intend to do exactly that. And would love your thoughts on that ! Thanks.


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