Soul Eater

Yes,I’m a prostitute

Neither with my consent ,Nor ย with my will

Thrust in Hell,Thrust in sex cell

It becomes my home ,In a Nutshell

With no name ,I brought the shame

No escape from the cave

Ruthlessly beaten,Severely burnt

Body turned to ashes ,dark and churned

What’s my fault,If I’m a girl

Whom to blame ,Whom to call

Slave of a shrewd inhuman

How to yell,Who will help

Here a Gambler,Vicious animals hidden in shell

Not so lucky , I lost grace

Wish to be free from the cage

Thee haunted nights ,Thee deadly silence

ย A Lustful eyes,Being violent

Might be a nightmare ,Might be its real

Thousand of girls are exported here

Still live in a hope ,One day God will hear


56 thoughts on “Soul Eater

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    1. Yes,No one want to hear and no one want to investigate in it .People called them with different creepy names ,but no one is willing to enter in this trap.After loosing all hopes ,fights and torture they surrender themselves .I don’t know how it will end .

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  1. A sad truth. ๐Ÿ˜” Nobody even pays attention on this. So many girls have to sell themselves daily. Some are forced by humans and some by situations. I hope the condition is bettered soon.


    1. Yes ,it’s painful to hear ,but think about them who are living ,or forced to live there.I got nightmare about this issue ,like I’m trapped in it ,felt helpless and found no escape .How much it can be frightful in real .I got goosebumps when I awake .That give me idea to write and think about them .They are the most neglected people in the universe.

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  2. It is true that many don’t prefer to hear about such stories but there a large population who are selfish and blind over such issues. They doubt how people would judge them and for many more it is a topic for talking over a cup of tea and blame the government but in reality when they encounter any of such girls who had been victimized they tend to keep distance. Unless it happens to their own family member no one actually cares or think about the life such people are facing nor willing give a ear to know how they have ended up in such works. It’s even painful and disturbing when people don’t let the other person express his views on these areas and advice him to stay happy and to thank God for his good life, where he opens up to such news about human trafficking.


    1. Yes ,I totally agree with you.We can’t blame the system everytime bcoz society and people are equally responsible for it.IF A girl got a chance to escape from it ,Society not even accept her but also dragged her in immense shame ,assault her and boycot them from their so called Respected People Societies.Such a hypocrates.


  3. And this very nature have ruined the majority of the girls who have tried stepping out of this, when she wants to again restore her life the society just shows their back to them and that poor soul have no other way to have 3 meals a day and end up with the same sex work. It isn’t education or knowledge that makes an effect on the girls, many are dragged into this unknowingly, cheated by family member or their beloved man or majority by kidnaps. There is no role of knowledge when someone who is too dear to you cheat nor if your kidnapped. The only way to restore such lives are by accepting them in the society and that would remove the fear of rejection and hate they would have in their mind. It’s only by restoring belief on humanity they would come out from such dark and painful life.


    1. Yes ,well said . Society can play important part here .But for this ,people should have kind heart and humanity in them which is lost now .They don’t show mercy on animals ,how one can expect for humans.


      1. Thanks for your kind words.What I’m going to write,even I don’t know .It’s a flow of thoughts and my choice to write upon it.I’m glad that you liked it .Your contents are amazing .

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  4. You’ve painted the anger and pain in such a powerful manner in what is the oldest profession in the world. It’s been a couple of years that I wrote a fiction on prostitution in two parts on the underbelly in Mumbai.


    1. Oh,thats great .It means you have collected the facts about them ,is it so .Will you like to share some of it .Thanks for your kind words and I appreciate that you take time to read my post.Thanks a lot๐Ÿ˜Š

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  5. The fact mentioned in image is really saddening…
    Only few girls/women choose that profession by their own will, but most of them are not that profession by own choice. Some of them have been kidnapped and some of them have been indulged forcefully. If government take action on sex rackets and people involved in this. Also, govt should provide women more security so that they can not be kidnapped or forced into prostitution.

    Anyway, well written ๐Ÿ‘Œ


    1. Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion.I agree with you .A government must make strict law for it ,I’m not aware if any law is there for them or not.We lack in the law system and its slow implications .

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  6. A poem depicting a darker side…Well written..i wrote on d same topic k/a the souled flesh…Hope you take time to read


      1. Yeah I got that.Thankyou.It’s just a little bit of irony that an aethist mentions god in her poem…ha ha…beautiful work gargi


  7. I never read anything that painful, related to prostitutes. Hats off….it really felt bad… I was thinking about the same yesterday… It’s happening only because of 2 things… hunger for food and lust for money… I hope one day they both end…
    God bless you.
    God bless everyone…


    1. Thanks for taking out time to read my poem .Yes ,you are right .I hope so one day it will end .It’s not a serious concern confined In India ,but this practice is prevalent in all other parts of World.It has become a huge commercial business (Sex Racket)and many politicians,officers and big names are involved in it.


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