Back to School

One day my soul went to school!

Lingered sweet memories from mind pool!

That day I saw a child  in me who have grown

Stout,stubborn,aggressive and repulsive

That day I saw school building ,fanned with love and emotions

Huge playground ,a place of our leisure!

That day I saw my classroom painted white

Reminisce boring lectures made me sleep

 The Teacher yelled  on me,exclaimed You a lazy creep

Playing with my class mates, a silly pen fights

That day I saw School Corridors ,a memorable sight

Gossiping tall ,elegant girls in school uniform

That day I saw School Canteen crowded with buddies!

Refreshing spot for glutton ,bubbly faces

That day I shed tears when I get apart,

With flooded emotions!With a heavy heart!

47 thoughts on “Back to School

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  1. Cool post and I also played pen fighting with friends and sometimes it reaches towards the entrance of class at the teacher’s foot and that situation becomes terrible for us. Thanks for reminding us of our school days

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  2. & Never felt like those days again
    Never believed who says school days are hard to sustain
    The teachers who scolded me regularly, I think they have new students like me
    & they forgot me, & never complain
    Those days were awesome, Now am thinking only about my gain
    & never felt like those days again………

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      1. Oh, then ask whole community to follow me, bcz if i share my experience here the, wordpress community will not allowed me to write whole book in a comment section 😛😛😜

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