In The Dream

Tiny droplets of water,Swirl in the rain

Relishing my mind and brain

Tip-Top ,Tip-Top music burst in lane

Enlightening my soul , Echo my name

Splendour panorama of trees,rocks and valleys

Gladdened my heart from a bleak

Chirp of birds,Dancing peacock in a Glee

Aroma of moist soil ,Caressing Breeze

Making me to jump in zest and zeal

Cuddle in my arms ,to kiss and feel

Clean my sins ,Giving me a Relief

Whooshing of swaying trees,Swaying leaves

Gazing at the window,Grab a cup of tea

Reminisce old memories , Reminisce Childhood treasury

In a heap of dusky mind ,In a sweet sleep

Grandma jolt me to realise

It was a daydream

I have participated in the challenge given by my two innovative bloggers Tapasi and Mila to write poem on given topics. I would be glad if my amazing bloggers participate in this challenge and exxagerate their writing skills


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46 thoughts on “In The Dream

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  1. I liked your imagery and how well you describe the rain.
    Just curious, what does your blog name mean? An atheist doesn’t believe in God, but “aethist” isn’t in my dictionary. Hope to learn something new! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes ,it a contrary name ,opposite of theist ,but I’m not Aethist ,we firmly believe in God and his actions.It only choose to creates a contradiction to what contents we have wrote


    1. Thank u so much .Yes ,I love rain so I tried my best to portray well in my poem .Rain is itself magical and beautiful.I hope I did fair deal in writing down my thoughts,still not sure

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  2. I tried to write on rain. N my stupid frnds made me reliase that i have written so well. But after reading your article i think i should delete my post…. You written so well. How you explained about the environment around


  3. So thoughtfull.You know whenever I have to write something then before doing it I probably read works of some people to get ideas and motivation and you top my list.Beautiful description of rain and it’s impact over you


    1. Oh Wow,Its honour listening to your words that my work give you motivation and ideas.Today I feel like I’m on seventh heaven .Thanks a lot for your beautiful words.Keep writing and creating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome and thankyou simultaneously.But just one thing dont use ‘honour’ and all.I am not a published writer or a prized one.We both are at almost same level.Both meed to learn so much in writing.Hope you dont mind and sorry if you do


      2. Can you suggest me any topic for my next post..actually today I wanna write but am not getting


      3. yes,I got an idea.If you like it then You can write a letter to your writing means comparison of your writing now and later in a different style. Next topic is share your real inspiring experience with readERS .

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You like any of them .If not ,a small advice dont think about topic so hard,just do your daily work asusual but keep a eye on every think happening around you.You will get idea from there bcoz I have tried it .

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You know mai isley thoda dara hu taki koi bhi topic same na ho and people dont get confused and bored at all…thanks for your help..will soon do something


      6. I can understand, ye problem ati h .Hum nhi chahte k jo hum likhe vo idea kise se match kre ,pr hum sabka likhne ka tarika ,style,thoughts different h .Toh fark nhi pdhta ,bas heading jabardast hone chaiye .

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