In Dilemma

Thank u  readers for liking my blogs .I’m overwhelmed with your true  comments,but I’m  stuck in reading.๐Ÿ™„

 It’s not an Article nor a poem .I need some favour and suggestion from my  followers..๐Ÿ˜Ž

I love to read each and every post of my followers and many more amazing writers all over on WordPress.Though I made a strategy to read posts of each of my followers ,but my efforts are in vain.

I will feel honoured and blessed if you can help me out from this dilemma .I’m dumbstruck in managing Reading and Writing together.

Your suggestions will bring me out from the situation .๐Ÿ˜„May be it’s a stupid idea of asking through a post ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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  1. No it’s not at all. It’s actually a good question.. I was stuck in this problem too.. Firstly, do you use WP regularly, because if you use it everyday then you can read all post of the particular day… But if it’s like 3-4 days in a week then fix your days… Like on Saturday you should go to SITES YOU FOLLOW and then go to everyone’s site …. Alert!! This can take a whole day, but worth to keep connected to fellow bloggers. And on other days you can plan to write and post. Most important is follow blogs you like to read. It’s not at all necessary to follow each and every blog.
    I use this method. Hope, it’s helpful to you!

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    1. Thanks for your advice . yeah,I daily read blogs of my followers ,but all their work are commendable .I think I should give a one day for just reading blogs and next day for writing .Thanks ,I will try your method.

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      1. On reader, I click on followed sites and just read as much as I can. Look at it this way- you’ve walked into a crowded room full of your new friends. You must make an effort to interact with as many of them as you can- or you won’t see them again. I may not read all in one day, but when I read, I comment (usually)- this way, they get back to you and they’ll always be on your mind. Hope this helps!

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      2. Ohh!that’s a great point .Yes ,I have subscribed but yet not check in email.Thanks for advice .From now I will keep my eye on mails too๐Ÿ˜„

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  2. Heya! Firstly take a long breath in and do not forget to breath out! Darling prioritize. See first and foremost read and comment on those followers who do the same for you, secondly after you are done doing that comment on those followers who are very active and third step is to discover new bloggers and comment on their posts after this if you have some time off get going and read your not-so -regular followers posts. Hope that helps.โœŒ

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion .I think it’s pretty much satisfactory .Although I will try to implement each methods suggested by my dear bloggers.Thanks for helping me out๐Ÿ˜†


  3. Depends on how much occupied you are or how much time you can devote apart from other important works in your routine. And how many followers you have! Assuming you are a very busy person , you can try this:

    1. Use wp app ( i am sure you must be using it already though!)
    2. Identify the blogs which really interest you (after certain amount of time you get to know this)
    3. Spend 5 days of the week reading those blogs. Do it each day.
    4. Read as much as you can afford like while travelling, quick break from work, elevator, waiting for sleep! These small small sessions really add up.
    5. Keep checking the ‘followed sites’ tab for any new blogs.
    6. If a blog is interesting but long enough then save it for the weekend.
    7. To keep a tab on the blogs you have already read, identify it by your ‘like’ on it. That way you know which ones are left and need to be read.
    8. If you do it daily then it will leave almost no unread post.
    9. And then on weekend, you prepare your own posts (maybe prepare multiple and save as draft). And then publish them over the next few days of the week (keeping a gap of a day or two between each post). So that way by next week you will be reading and writing simultaneously!!!
    10. And weekends you can also cover any extra post you find interesting or discover new posts!
    11. Key to everything above is checking and reading posts everyday.

    Long comment…i know … phew! ๐Ÿ˜Œ I am no expert but had the same problem as you did and above is how i am handling right now! So thought to share with you. Everyone has his own way of working ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. There are like hundreds of posts updated every hour. Even the blogs we follow are like many and it is not at all possible to read each and every post. So what i do is i go for post titles.. If i find it striking or informative then only i read it otherwise i just skip it. And during spare time i try to cover the left one’s..
    And like shivee said.. go for new blogger’s once in a while.. i do the same.
    Hope it benefits you in any way..
    Keep inspiring

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  5. Hi Shayra, via the WP app, first I review my likes and responses, then check out posts from those I follow and my followers, then post my new content, and lastly peruse other interesting content via specified categories… Maybe you could employ a similar pattern…
    Have fun…

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  6. When I am busy or tired i just check out sites i follow. And then read each ones blog.but still i cam do that easily because i am new in this platform. I have less follower and following. so in my case adviving you is some how kiddish.

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    1. Ohh ,no not at all .Don’t think like this .Every bloggers advice is valuable for me . Due to you and other my loving followers support ,I have reached here who inspired me at every step .๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  7. Trying to keep up can be overwhelming. I start with those followers I subscribe to, which I struggle to keep that number in tow. I like to keep up with the comments, as well. I feel that is very important. Then I go to the Reader when I have time.

    I post on WordPress 3 to 4 times a week. I run 2 blogs and I am also a writer for another blogger. In addition, I write for a social media site. Getting a routine helps.

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