Reflection of My Soul

Hello friends!

Hope you’re having a great day and as always I’m back in action with another one of those exciting posts.

I want to share a memorable moment of mine with my loving readers.I’m turning 24 this year which means it’s the right time to get ‘settled’ in life(Um! Is this even true).Its my first encounter with that nerve-wrecking Meeting, the matrimonial meeting I was ruffled at that moment when we were left alone in a room to talk with each other in a better and more open way.

I can hear my heart pounding in the creepy silence of the room along with the ticktock tick-tock of the Clock πŸ•›  and the swirling Fan πŸ˜‡.

 My entire life or say the whole world stopped for a nano-second.Adrenaline rush was literally rushing throughout my body.

Being a coy and introvert as I am I never spoke to a stranger before.I saw  innocence,shyness in his eyes and found out that he was facing the same dilemma.He had a great physique and was quite a tall and handsome guy. He was wearing a blue denim and pretty shirt with check pattern and I was wearing a traditional blue suit.The traditional attire was perfect for the event.Although I was a bit nervous, still I broke the ice and tried to talk with him and make ourselves comfortable .Soon,We started talking like old friends and enjoyed each other’s company😊.

We shared same interests and had common things to talk about , we also discussed our thoughts on philosophy .We both believed in Destiny and Karma.

I was enthralled by his charisma and generous personality.He embellished positive vibes in his talks .Dhruv(Changed Name) was a person who respected moral values ,understood things ,cares and adores.He was a person with golden heart. He was calm ,composed and straightforward  in his actions. He has a respectable position as a Leuitnent in Indian Air Force and exaggerates great hospitality and courtesy in his nature .He believed in hard work and was dedicated to his family and his companions.

I was flattered by his diligence when he exclaimed that he wanted that his better half should be known by her name ,her own identity rather than be known by his husband’s position.(which is a big thing for me).

Wow! How one can be so kind ,enduring and witty .His personality cast a magical spell on me and I believed that We were made from the very same dust and had alike soul.

He possessed all qualities which a girl would probably look in his partner or her Soulmate.

               As every story Here comes a twist in my story.

And The twist is……………………………………. what you have to wait for😁 I know it’s a bit harsh to leave itπŸ€— in between but save the better for later.Right!

So, see you soon with the other part till then stay happy, stay blessed and keep reading ‘The Aethist’.

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      1. No need to thank me dear, Congratulations…You are really a great blogger…πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™πŸ‘


  1. Hope the rest of your story is happy! Being 24, you have the rest of your life to settle down. Go slow and make sure you have a man who continues to respect and love you. πŸ’•


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