Secret Behind Closed Book

          It’s beginning of a new life . Everyone   is on seventh heaven. Doctor gave permission to dispatch  mom from hospital.I  m sitting in mother’s lap ,feeling blessed .My mother is the most beautiful lady in world.Her black eyes,curly hair ,mesmerizing smile with dazzling teeth and a charming personality is a complementary element.

Time passes  by and I grew like a leaves on a tree.I never forget the lesson which I have learnt from my father while riding a bicycle.When I was learning how to ride bicycle from my father ,I listen cautiously to my father’s instruction like maintaining balance ,to apply break at right time and to keep eye on road.It seems  as a child play ,but when I kept my foot on a  bicycle and began to ride , I  not even remembered how many times I have fallen and got hurt.I m yelling to my father to hold me from back ,but he pays no attention to my words.He knows that mind is the controller of a body.I will not even damn try   if I knew  my father will escape me from falling.Its a human psychology .If I count in  my mind ,how many times I have fallen ?  The answer popping in my mind will be in mushroom amount.Someone has well said “There is no gain ,without pain. My efforts never went futile and I got my first medal in interschool bicycle competition.Parents are overwhelmed by  my success.I m ball of fire at younger age.
My phone is constantly buzzing at 4 am .After frequent calls when i saw the name flashing on it ,i was amazed and bewildered to see why mom is calling me at this time ? I was getting goosebumps.  It was that day and time which i never forget in my life .My life has taken a toll on me .  My Heart was filled with regret at father demise.He was no more ,because i hurt him .If i have controlled my anger at that time ,the whole scenario would be different .I had made a Himalayan blunder by leaving the house.

            I  got scholarship in a reputed college of finance and management. I m  very excited  to get my present on my success .As father promised me a car on my selection in best college of finance and management.I  put all perseverance efforts to achieve it and get fruitful result.Although my father gave me present as a promise ,but the present is different as per my thoughts.Father gave me a book .Do i deserve a book ,though i have work hard day and night ? A first time  I was at rage  at my father but he did not utter a single word  .I wish my mouth should be choked  at that time to save my family from a disaster.But no one can control the words  once spoken.It was just like an arrow which will hit its destination.

              When i recalled the memories of leaving the dysfunctional family in-between,my heart sinks.It was a nightmare which is printed in my heart permanently. After a few months ,on the death funeral of my late father,when i ushers into my room with a heavy heart.I saw the same book which i have thrown ,I felt to be buried myself in earth ,when i found car  keys at page 45 in a book.I was ashamed of my existence ,that was the day when i realized the loss,the unbearable pain of losing the symbolic of my existence.

My father has gone and my mother  is in trauma ,all because I bring worst out of me.I regret of not receiving calls of my mother when i left the house.

.I just want to give message to others through my story that nothing is more valuable than your parents.They never leave us in darkness ,then how we can leave them in a lurch ? They are the angles of god .love them .The slight change in their habits make us feel irritating and suffocating,but we should not forget that we will be in the same picture sooner or later.As Death is mortal and old age signifies the path of endless, everything will end in same manner.

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  1. Very very sad and emotional story. A story that every child needs to read. It is so awful that when we grow old we disrespect our parents. And it was indeed very sorrowful to read what happened with you. Well, we can’t do much about the past. Anyways, this post invariably was very thought provoking containing a message which is pretty much applicable in this generation….

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      1. You’re welcome. And I think if I compare cost of blood and this post, then this one is probably better since it conveys the message in a very heart touching manner


  2. Your story has a beautiful and meaningful message, written with so much sensibility, so much love, so much sincerity…A real blessing for every one who can read and understand beyond words…Thank you! For opening this door and showing us, your readers, a little part of your wonderful soul! And for following my blog…I’m honored and grateful!

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    1. Thanku for the beautiful and inspiring comment .Always feel blessed to read amazing blogs of great bloggers .Thanks for the opportunity to give me such delight and inspiration from your blogs.I m learning the art of writing by reading other blogs ,thanks for supporting me๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. Thank for the beautiful comment. It inspired me to think beyond ones imagination and pour it here .I have read your post ,they are amazing and unique .keep going ahead ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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    1. Ohh no !You are misunderstanding .Its a story or you can say it my imagination .It has no relation with reality .I have wrote poem earlier and got an idea to transform it in story .Thanks for reading and following my blog.


      1. Thanks for so kind of u .I am honoured .We will try to write more short stories having a wonderful message .Keep supporting๐Ÿ˜Š


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