Women Harassment

1 Welcome to the world of Beasts

   Brimming with lust , inhumans and creeps!

   Leaving you vulnerable like loaf of meat!

   Shattered soul screaming in grief!

   Insane ,evil minds triggered by nasty thoughts!

   Not a alien creature nor a ghosty loathe!

    But dwelling inside ,dwells in rotten minds

    Woman tagged by shameful names

    Traced by feminism  body shape

2   No Racial  discrimantion for womens,

     Nor clothe,looks,size matters for demons!

     Not spared on behalf of racial prejudice!

    Considered source of exhaustion!

    Source of pleasure for physical drive

   Who gave right to masculine,Who gave them   authority

  To smash,bruised,wound her body and mind!

  To mark her with shame and brutality!

  To leave her with years of pain,petrified lost    nights!

  Welcome to the World of Beasts

  Brimming with lust ,inhumans and creeps!

3  I am  the girl,I am  the power

     I am the cause of  birth  ,I am the survivor!

    Dont dare to touch me,Dont dare to hurt me!

    Dont gaze at me,Dont dragg me down!

   I m the  Goddess Durga,Kali,Saraswati and    Laxami ,I m the voice behind pristine soul!

  I m the hope to bring change, To transform    million lives!

  I m the flower to bloom,I m the deep ocean to   calm you!

  I m alike every other in Universe,I m like you!

  Let me live,Let me groom!

8 thoughts on “Women Harassment

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    1. Thanks Anchal .Yes, my motive is to spread this message to all over the world with a hope that people would begin to think profousely and respect the women’s dignity and power.

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