Carefree Soul

Hello readers!

Don’t you want to live carefree life without stress,anxiety and depression.We all urge  to empty our minds with unrival stuffs and live in a peace .

Here few lines for annulling  carefree soul-

At a glittering sight! Gazing at stars in night!

Planting a childish smile on face!

A girl standing beside me with a grace!

Delighted at first meet,thoughtful and expressive she is

Full of life,Full of ecstacy!

Empowering positive vibes!

I named her carefree soul in divine!

It might be seem intriguing to my dear readers that why I named carefree soul ?

Are we free from untinted , messy thoughts which ponders in our mind or  living a life with satisfaction!

The answer we all better know.

We are pure , innocent when we are child but in transition of child to adult has moulded us completely.The innocence,generousity and kindness has been blurred from  our mind and soul .The wheel of time has transformed us from within.We have become slaves of materialistic pursuits of life,trending fashions,fame and power .Nothing is wrong in fulfilling esteem needs as it’s a human nature to enjoy the comfortness in life,but its good to be in limit.

The trial and tribulations of life has put tremendous effect on our soul.The self-centred,egocentric,sly,money minded approach ,heartlessness has withered our soul.

Let give chance to enjoy in life by changing focus from which hold immense place in our lives.A slight shift to non-essential things-

  • Live life carefree,no tension ,no worries of future and no more regrets .
  • A research has claimed that a child laughs more than  100 times in a day whereas an  adult less than 12 times.Begin to laugh more like a child.
  • Gaze at stars twinkling in sky and moon brightening your mind and soul.
  • Follow your passion as it’s a wake up call of your soul.
  • Dream big and bring it to action.
  • Inculcate any one good habit whatever you like and try to stick to it.Hundred of times we will fail but still never give up.
  • Watch movies,dance ,listen your favourite song or hang out with friends when you feel sad.
  • No one is perfect in life and no one is free from flaws .Just love the way you are.

Every God creature is beautiful and special in themselves  and worthy of living .The only circumstances and bad phase of life make difference in their actions and character.

Body structure ,physique are varied but soul is one .A one and similar soul dwells in human body.

Stay blessed with splendid love .Hope you like it and live free mind.

9 thoughts on “Carefree Soul

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  1. So very true. The best way to overcome anxiety and worries is to live like a child. I’m so very impressed with this. Even I’m going through a transition in my life from a child to a teenager and it really feels like we ourselves make our life complicated when we come out of childhood. Keep posting such beautiful posts!

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    1. Thanks I m happy to know that you like it.yes,i have penned my thoughts here by observing others and experiencing it.Life is not complex ,but we make it through our actions and decisions .We realise this fact late when we experience the situation

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