Power of Gratitude

Million thanks for creating!
Billion thanks for Nurturing!
Trillion thanks for loving!

Gratitude a secret of life
Gratitude a power to transform vibes
A few knows the latent mystery
Who knows,they make history
Clandestine meaning to love,to live
Act pensively to write ,to bring
Sending signals to Universe
Some for now,Some for future reserve
Law of Gratitude ,beholds treasure land
Connecting dots,empowers on
So complexed,intriguing phase
Yet interesting,astound base
Gratitude so wonderful principle
Sounds musical !

Wow! Isn’t this poem amazing.It feels like a powerful Mantra to our soul.Man is the master of Universe and his wish is a command to The Universe.In simple words,Universe is the treasure of knowledge , magical and like a powerful machine which is being made worked by us.
How can one forget the cartoon series “Aladdin’s magic Lamp” and we always wish to have one Genie in our life!
Universe is a Genie for Mankind and it activates by our Thoughts .(Not by rubbing the lamp! ) .It doesn’t matter whether thoughts are negative or positive.There is a famous saying ,”We don’t value the things which we have ,but we realise  it’s importance when we lose it”.So meaningful,Isn’t it?
Have you ever wondered what differentiate an  unsuccessful person from a successful person?
What’s the key to happiness in life?

The answer is Power of Gratitude .It can transform our lives entirely ,it is art of living.Lets think about those things we must be grateful for –

  • The very first,Be Grateful to God for your life.Life is beautiful and full of enthusiasm.
  • Next, Be Grateful to God for your loved ones like your family and friends and even strangers who sometimes play a big role in moulding our life.
  • Be Grateful to God for your health and well-being and also admire the beauty of love and nature.
  • Be Grateful to God for having the basic needs of life-like Roti,Kapda and Makaan and a little love.
  • Be Grateful to God for the wealth and money we have .

Just pen down the things you are grateful for .It’s my way to enjoy the essence of gratitude and would like to know your’s.(A tried and tested trick)

To energize the Positively and have a piece of mind.
    If I’m not wrong, It might be called a panacea for all problems.
             Try to make it a priority and wait for the best outcome
Albert Einstein,Henry Ford,John Rockefeller,Eisenhower,Theodore Roosevelt and many other eminent personalities has followed this law and knew one of those great secrets of leading a great life

To sum it up,There are million other things which it can bring in your life but instead of reading you must try to see the change.

Stay Happy, Laugh and Love.I  hope you like it and share your views  with me.

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