Is life a bliss or curse 

Bewildered at this thought ! Everyone has different perspective regarding way of living.William Shakespeare has beautify life as a stage and humans as a players in his poem “Seven Ages of Man”.When life gives you lemon,make lemonade from it.

When life make you feel vulnerable,tackle it  with humour.

Nothing seems pleasant ,Nothing excite us during  the bad phase of life.

Every side has its pros and cons .Some days are best for someone and some days  are moron,filled with tribulations for others .The thing which needs to be examined is how we balance ourselves in adverse situation.How much we tend to prioritize  the difficulties beholding in mind.

A simple way to deal with unfavourable condition is not to give importance to it.Let them happen the way they are moving with the flow of time.

Don’t give them chance to control your mind.

Aren’t you amazed!How it works?

The best-selling book of Rhonda Byrne “The Secret ” in which she has woven   her philosophical views and set several  life changing examples of people who has changed their lives by inhabit positive thoughts .

What we attracts from Universe is what we get in return!

Here,a few lines which manifold its power

Thoughts like showering nectar from heaven ,Pouring it in our minds!

Thoughts manifesting wealth,transforming million lives!

Life is beautiful and bliss for every human being  for those who know the secret to live.I ts mere art of living.

Why we take life  seriously?Why we engrossed mind to think twice and thrice on issues?

Why it happens with me,Why I m not successful ,Why society and orthodox thinking of others affect me ,why I m not allowed to do what I want?

A bundle of questions triggers in our minds.Life is not meant to understand its complications  nor to think of any events occurred (present,past or for future).Life is meant  to live carefree.Humans are mortal and soul is immortal.

A great Alexander departs from world empty handed.Is dead body has any identity ,relation with the world?

No .He  got buried without leaving it imprints on Earth. Then What goes with us ?

Soul only drift “Karma ” to heaven.

Here  I want to share beautiful conversation  between heart and  soul of young bounder Aryan .

At the death-bed in hospital when doctor told to his parents ,he will not survive .The Aryan in his subconscious mind listen to  the voice of his heart.His soul was withered ,torned from within but still want second chance to live.

But his heart said,”I have given you hundred chance to live your dreams,but you never heard me.

His soul explained ,”I want to exaggerate money ,power for my future stability ,for my beloved ones.

His heart answered,”You have acclimatize ample amount of wealth ,power and fame in your life,but why are you not happy now?

His soul answered in grief,”Yes ,in eye of others I m a successful man with all prestige and comforts  ,but I m not contended with my work .I sacrifice my sleep for building my career ,

I sacrifice my laugh ,my happiness ,my benign nature for becoming business man.

I made my life complex and found no happiness in any relationship .

I have become a puppet ,money minded but now I want to enjoy life ,appreciate the beauty surrounds,Want to live freely ,move ,think freely.

His heart beats last time and said “,It’s too late now”.

It’s late for Aryan but we have chance to live fully.When life gives lemon and sourness,laugh aloud and say “All is Well”.Whether a good or a bad phase ,it all goes away .Just keep patient and wait for best .God  Kingdom is great and splendid with love for all creatures on this planet.
Stay Happy,Live long !. I will be glad to know your way of living.Share your thoughts and spread happiness in million lives.

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